Brock’s Performance: $37K WERA Awards

WERA Contingency

Brock’s Performance is proud to announce a lucrative contingency program for hard-charging racers using BST carbon fiber wheels in WERA Motorcycle Roadracing competition.

Supporting the sport, Brock’s Performance, the exclusive distributor of BST rims for Japanese sportbikes, is offering $37,200 worth of race contingency awards in WERA’s National Challenge, National Endurance and Sportsman series.

For Brock’s second year of WERA contingency support, racers running BST-shod BMW S 1000 RR, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha sportbikes in the eight-race National Challenge Series can earn $150 for wins, $100 for runner-up finishes and $50 for third-place performances in WERA Superbike, Formula 2 Expert, 750 & 600 Superbike Expert, as well as the 750 & 600 Superbike Novice classes. This $150-$100-$50 payout system is also in place for all eight rounds of the hotly contested WERA National Endurance Series’ Heavyweight class.

In the nationwide, Sportsman Series, which encompasses 34 races in various regions, BST bounty includes $100 for wins and $50 to runners-up in the Formula 1 & Formula 2 Expert and Novice classes.

In addition to BST support in WERA roadracing, AMA Dragbike competitors using Brock’s exhaust systems or BST wheels will vie for $80,000 in contingency bucks (twice as much as offered in 2009). MIROCK drag racers will compete for the $14,400 Brock’s Performance has put up for grabs in this eight-race series.

For all three organizations, Brock’s is offering a total of $131,200 for competitors running BST wheels and/or Brock’s Performance exhaust systems.

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