Scorpion debuts EXO-750 “Vintage” Lids

Retro Helmets

Something old, something new, something borrowed… but nothing to cause the blues. In the best wedding tradition, Scorpion’s "Vintage" EXO-750 Air helmet marries avant garde upgrades with retro graphics to create a happy union. From the old school artwork to Scorpion’s new AirFit technology and locking faceshield borrowed from the top-of-the-line EXO-1000, the all-new EXO-750 series truly takes the cake.

Scorpion’s designers merged their proven fiberglass/Kevlar matrix shell technology with the new AirFit internals for the best of both worlds. Best of all, the new lightweight shell meets or exceeds all ECE/DOT safety standards.

Speaking of AirFit, the helmet pump inflation system ensures a perfect fit as internal air bladders at the cheek area allow any rider to change the fit of their helmet on the fly. Just give the chinbar-mounted button a couple quick pumps and the EXO-750 offers a fit as custom tailored as any wedding gown.

While talk of weddings may get some riders a little hot under the color, Scorpion’s KwikWick washable moisture-wicking comfort liner keeps riders cool when they are on the bike. Equally cool, the SpeedShift quick-change system allows the outer faceshield to snap into place in less than 10seconds – without tools. Don’t let the fear of fogging cause cold feet either, Scorpion’s EverClear shields promise to prevent fogging through thick and thin.

Of course it is the old school graphics that will really turn heads. The EXO-750 Vintage version comes in a classic black & white with gold trim or a tricolore red, white and green for fans of Italian bikes. There are also a couple color options for modern day motorcyclists with solid matte black and solid hypersilver schemes available.

Regardless if you go retro or opt for the black or silver colorways, a wide array of blacked-out, tinted or mirrored EverClear locking faceshields are available to match. As an added wedding gift, the retail price was kept under $250 for solid colors. Sounds like a perfect match.

MSRP for the EXO-750: $249.95 (solid) and $259.95 (Vintage)


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