Seth Enslow jumps Harley 183.7 feet

Record Jump

Seth Enslow smashed the Harley-Davidson long distance jump record on a 570lb Harley-Davidson XR1200 in Sydney Australia. After multiple attempts, Enslow used his modified Harley to fly 183.7 feet through the air.

Born in 1975, somewhere in Upstate New York, the FMX star spends lots of time in Costa Mesa, California. Enlsow, along with his California buddies, has been known for going big and this jump is just one more attempt at doing so.

Although 187 feet seem like a long distance, Enslow has already surpassed the 300 distance mark on a proper motocross bike. Others, such as freestyle motocrosser distance jumper Robbie Maddison, have already jumped over 350 feet.

The days of Evel Kneivel are now long behind us and the future of more extreme FMX motorcycle records lay ahead. Click video to see the motorcycle jump and stay tuned for more exciting motorcycle stunts in the near future.