Michael Jordan revs 2010 AMA Superbike

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It is an indisputable fact that basketball legend Michael Jordan is one of, if not the, most recognizable figures on the planet. In 2004, the sports star turned his attention to motorcycle racing in the United States. Starting with a young privateer rider, Jordan employed Gemini Racing to bring his road racing dreams to fruition. The team was such a hit in the paddock that they quickly attracted high-end, mainstream sponsors and riders. In short order, Jordan's team expanded into multiple classes and eventually began accumulating podium finishes, victories and eventually a championship.

For the Michael Jordan Motorsports team, 2008 was a groundbreaking season. The team won its first AMA Championship with Aaron Yates taking the AMA Superstock title after a mere five years in existence. What's more, the fledgling team achieved this feat by defeating manufacturer-based teams with unlimited budgets.

For 2010, the former Superstock Champion Yates returns to race in the AMA Superbike class for the team. He will be joined by new teammate Jake Zemke on the National Guard Jordan Suzuki team. Like Yates, Zemke boasts a title from 2008: the AMA Formula Xtreme Championship. Zemke is also a winner of the prestigious Daytona 200 race. The duo is looking forward to racing together and the challenges that the upcoming season is sure to bring. In short, they are sure to live up to the goals set for them by one of the greatest sports icons in history.


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