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One of the global leaders in the electric motorcycle business, Zero Motorcycles is the next step for the motorcycle industry. Engineered and designed to take aspects of traditional motorcycles and combine them with innovative electric technology, Zero Motorcycles is creating industry-leading electric motorcycles that are energy efficient, high performance, and exhilarating to ride.

Since inception, Zero Motorcycles has been dedicated to building motorcycles for riders of all kinds. The entire line of Zero Motorcycles offers blistering acceleration and speed with optional settings on the dirt bikes for the less aggressive rider. What separates Zero from the competition is the performance, quality and reliability of each bike.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Zero Motorcycles has four unique products in its lineup: The Zero S Supermoto bike, the Zero DS dual sport bike, the Zero MX track bike, and the Zero X trail bike. Zero is the only electric motorcycle company in the world to engineer, market and sell a full line of products on a global level.

An additional factor differentiating Zero Motorcycles from any other motorcycle manufacturer is the way it sells its motorcycles to the consumer. Zero Motorcycles uses in-market representatives to provide consumers with demonstration rides in their local community.

Interested buyers can purchase a Zero Motorcycle directly from the company's website or call an experienced factory coordinator at our toll-free number for expert assistance. Within days of purchasing a motorcycle it is delivered to the consumer's doorstep. The sales model provides direct contact with the company for customers for superior service and support.


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