Ryan Villopoto tumbles in Supercross Atlanta

Villopoto SX Race Report

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto finished 19th after crashing in Atlanta. After winning 3 races already this year, Villopoto fell on some hard luck. Villopoto looked to be in position to contend for the win at Atlanta running second when he went down just before the mechanics area.

Villopoto was uninjured after his trip over the bars, but his muffler packed full of dirt, which kept him from starting his bike right away.

Ryan Villopoto Speaks… Supercross Atlanta

"I was going triple-triple through that section and came up on a lapper," said Villopoto. "I had to change my line and I ended up casing the jump. That sent me over the bars. Worse than that though was the silencer filled with dirt and I couldn’t get the bike restarted. It wouldn’t have been too bad if I could have got going right away. I wasn’t hurt at all."

"There are nine races left in the season," said Villopoto. "That’s a lot of time to make up the 23 points. I need to work to put myself back in a good position in the standings."

It is a long season and for the second time this year, Villopoto faces a 20-point deficit in the points standings. In the four races before Atlanta, Villopoto made up the deficit and he is looking to do the same in the second half of the season.

Supercross 450

Race Results
1. Ryan M Dungey
2. Trey G Canard
3. David D Millsaps
4. Ivan Tedesco
5. Justin D Brayton
6. Joshua R Hill
7. Michael Byrne
8. Jason D Lawrence
9. Grant Langston
10. Nicholas A Wey
11. Chris Blose
12. Kyle P Chisholm
13. Matt Boni
14. Kevin W Windham
15. Jason W Thomas
16. Heath D Voss
17. Weston L Peick
18. Dan Reardon
19. Ryan D Villopoto
20. Kyle D Partridge

Points Standings
1. Ryan M Dungey 170
2. Joshua R Hill 150
3. Ryan D Villopoto 147
4. David D Millsaps 134
5. Justin D Brayton 121
6. Ivan Tedesco 115
7. Kevin W Windham 113
8. Nicholas A Wey 85
9. Michael Byrne 71
10. Andrew T Short 69

Expect the Ryan Villopoto to be charging at the front of the pack in Round 9 of the AMA Supercross series, which takes place on Saturday, March 6, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Photos by Frank Hoppen