Cotton Joy sponsors San Carlo Honda Gresini

The spirit of invention and a passion for innovation: these are the characteristics that Cotton Joy share with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini. The young Italian bed linen and household accessories firm are joining up with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini to promote their "Power" bathrobe – the ideal addition to any sports bag, with its microfibre material making it compact, light and with extra drying capabilities.

Cotton Joy stores and outlets are currently located all over Italy thanks to its comprehensive and consolidated sales network. The principals of Cotton Joy’s vision are behind the creation of each new collection: continual research breathes life into each one, which takes shape as soon as the creative team are inspired by their passion for innovation. In fact, each line of clothing is studied down to the smallest detail, taking into account the latest market tendencies and the constantly changing demands of the public.

Thomas Mantellassi Speaks… Cotton Joy

"As well as being enthusiastic about our collaboration with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini we are happy to be represented by Melandri and Simoncelli, two of the most talented, charismatic and competitive riders around," said Thomas Mantellassi, Managing Director of Cotton Joy. "We are convinced we are ‘on the right track’ and we know that this partnership will bring with it a lot of satisfaction and new opportunities."

Fausto Gresini Speaks… Team San Carlo Honda

"It is always stimulating to collaborate with young, dynamic and progressive companies like Cotton Joy," added Fausto Gresini. "Cotton Joy has the spirit of initiative and the passion for research and development as part of its DNA – concepts that are common to the world of racing and that will allow us to develop an important synergy with them. We would like to welcome Cotton Joy as the latest partner of Team San Carlo Honda Gresini: we are sure that this is the start of a pleasurable and fruitful collaboration. "