2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 ‘Factory’

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The Aprilia Dorsoduro stirred up the maxi supermoto segment, but the Dorsoduro Factory goes further. A refined bike, even lighter and more efficient, whose mission is "fun". The word "Factory" is never used just by chance in Aprilia. In the language of the enthusiasts it refers to elite bikes fitted out with the best technology and made with the best materials.

Light, agile, powerful, the Dorsoduro Factory doesn't belie its name; its heart is the latest 750 dual-cylinder and it boasts technical solutions unique for this segment. Thanks to the advanced electronic management, the compact Aprilia 90° V twin engine offers extremely high performance levels, similar to those of much bigger engines.

The chassis, as becomes the Aprilia tradition, is without rivals in this category. The Dorsoduro Factory exploits the technology that Aprilia has developed, dominating the Supermoto competitions with the incredible SXV that won 5 world championships between 2004 and 2008.

The chassis, with its tubular frame and aluminium structure, is one of the distinctive elements of the Dorsoduro Factory - a common thread that unites the highly specialized Aprilia racing models with the most exciting twin cylinder supermoto on the market.

With its essential design, characterized by the considerable use of carbon fiber for the top structure, Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory boasts components, technical fittings and trim features of the highest levels. Brembo 4-piston radial calipers, Wave discs, oil-bath hydraulic clutch, fully adjustable gas-operated single shock absorber with separate tank, a sophisticated multi-adjustable fork, Ride by Wire "Tri-Map" and Matrix instrument panel with on-board computer - these are the elements that help to make this bike unique.

The details of the 2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory:

• Carbon fiber top structure (ducts, ignition unit cover, front mudguard);
• Special graphics with red chassis, black plate, exclusive saddle and black exhaust covers;
• 90° V2 engine, four valves, double overhead camshaft, liquid cooling;
• Second generation Ride by Wire "Tri-Map" technology;
• Modular tubular frame/aluminum chassis - ultralight and with excellent torsional rigidity;
• Aluminum swingarm with multi-adjustable gas-operated lateral shock absorber;
• Multi-adjustable 43mm upside down fork;
• Brembo front brake calipers with radial connection combined with 320mm Wave discs.


The simple, elegant dress never veils but highlights the technical elements (chassis and engine) of the Dorsoduro Factory, turning the particularly aggressive aesthetics into one of its strong points. The new colors and carbon fiber top structure underline the sporty nature of a project that proudly shares the Factory name with the sportiest Aprilia bikes. Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory is incredibly sleek and agile, managing to create an immediate harmony with the rider.

The long, flat saddle facilitates those rider movements typical of the supermoto; the Dorsoduro Factory backs up the rider at all times. The compact, curvy tail fairing also envelops the dual exhaust: a solution that not only creates a really aggressive design feel, but also excellent symmetry in the proportions and weight distribution. The hand guards, derived from the Supermoto SXV, display a sleek style and effectively protect the levers against any accidental contact.


The Aprilia 750 90° V twin engine represents the current state of the art for this type of motor drive. The electronic management is the cream of this engine, which uses a second generation Ride by Wire system equipped with triple mapping.

The three options - Sport, Touring and Rain - can be selected while actually riding, thanks to a gas closed command on the handlebar; they radically modify the character of the Dorsoduro Factory, offering an aggressive, immediate response in Sport mode, more gentle (ideal for tourism) in Touring mode, and extremely safe (even in conditions of poor road-holding) in Rain mode.

Thanks to the electronic and mechanical technology used, the Aprilia dual cylinder reaches 92hp at 8,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 82 Nm at 4,500 rpm: values that put the Dorsoduro in direct competition with bikes of a much higher engine capacity.

There is also a special version of the Dorsoduro Factory for newly qualified riders, limited to 25 kW. The electronic throttle grip management system (Ride By Wire) avoids the need to reduce power delivery over the whole supply range (as happens on less advanced models), maintaining exactly the same delivery as for its full-power "sibling", up to the maximum allowed level. In this way, the Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory offers an improved acceleration performance compared with the equivalent 25 kW versions of the competitors, ensuring non-stop riding pleasure.


Aprilia bikes have always been considered a point of reference for the excellence of their chassis. The Dorsoduro Factory certainly doesn't belie this tradition. On the contrary, its sophisticated suspension systems and racing brakes emphasise it, making it the most effective and well-balanced maxi supermoto on the market.

Everything about this bike has been designed to aid the rider during heavy handling. The agile, light chassis was designed with an eye to ergonomics, so the Dorsoduro Factory is perfect for any rider, allowing them all to take full advantage, in every situation, of the high limits of a real fun-to-ride bike.

The chassis exploits the most of the notable expertise acquired by Aprilia during competitions, fully drawing on the experience gained on the mixed structures used in the Supermoto world championship. The upper part, with its tubular steel frame, is joined to the large, aluminum side plates through special high-resistance bolts. The resulting structure is extremely rigid yet light - the best solution for curbing the pounding power of the Aprilia twin cylinder engine.

The lateral, strongly tilting position of the new gas-operated shock absorber leaves plenty of precious space to obtain the optimal conformation of the exhaust manifolds, without altering the length of the bike and without applying any thermal stress to the shock absorber itself. The aluminum swingarm is sized to support the asymmetric stress caused by the lateral positioning of the shock absorber. It was purposely conceived for a supermoto like the Aprilia Dorsoduro, and sums up the need for torsional rigidity and elasticity - elements essential for obtaining precise support and the right riding feeling in the transitory phases.


The suspension area of the Dorsoduro Factory is entirely new. The Sachs 43mm upside down fork with shell-cast brackets to support the radial calipers features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic brake rebound damping. It's a highly sophisticated element that, apart from offering endless adjustment possibilities, also ensures optimal smoothness and a travel (160mm) in line with the supermoto philosophy. Both steering plates are forged, and the upper one is also anodized to confirm the excellent level of the Dorsoduro trim features.

The new gas-operated lateral shock absorber with separate tank is directly pivoted to the swingarm, as per the cantilever layout, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping. It's a highly sophisticated element that allows more experienced riders to reach top bike performance levels, even on the racetrack.

The rear wheel stroke is 160mm, again in line with the supermoto philosophy that aims for an effective, controlled suspension but with a long stroke.


The best of current braking technology can be found on the Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory: the front system uses the new Brembo 4 piston radial calipers. The 320mm floating "Wave" discs are really lightweight, ensuring shorter stopping times and emphasizing the aggressive braking style with a supersports look, in keeping with the overall Dorsoduro appearance.

The 240mm rear disc is also of the "Wave" type and is braked via a single piston caliper. Both the front and rear systems use metal braided brake pipes derived from the aeronautical sector which eliminate the irritating "lung" effect of the conventional pipes, ensuring the maximum braking precision.


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