Father-Son team enters AHRMA Daytona Events

Boca Raton resident Art Delor and his son Alex make the trek to Daytona International Speedway for the annual American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) races every year for the love of motorcycle racing.

In 2009, Delor got more than just the thrill of laps around DIS’ road course. He won his first race in the Class C Handshift.

"This is my track," Delor said. "I love Daytona. There’s nothing like it in the world – coming out of Turn 6, getting way up on the banking, up at the wall and the centrifugal force starts to pull you down and you shift into third by hand. I love it. It gives me goose bumps (thinking about it)."

Delor uses the AHRMA events as a way to honor those that rode motorcycles before him and to showcase the history to those that will follow him like his son Alex.

"I race an old Indian as a tribute to the old-timers, guys who used to work at the Indian factory," Delor said. "Just the frame on this bike is over 70 years old. I’m trying to capture a piece of that past and throw it into the future."
The storied history of Daytona International Speedway provides the perfect venue for Delor to honor his heroes.
"I ended up meeting the guy today that won Daytona in 1959 on the beach," Delor said.

Making the racing effort as authentic as possible, Delor carries his racing license in a vintage Indian holder and keeps all his racing notes in a 1939-1940 Indian notebook.

In 2000, Delor took things to the next level when he delivered his bike to tech inspection in an authentic 1940’s Indian factory uniform earning him the Best Tech Award beating out 1,050 entries from 14 countries.
The passion for the historic sport of motorcycle racing is growing in Delor’s son Alex. The 17-year-old has followed his father to the track since he was 8 years old, soon developing a knack for watching the motorcycles roll through tech inspection.

"It’s cool to look at the bikes and point out stuff that guys miss because I’m a lot younger," said the younger Delor. "One of the tech guys came up to me and said he was checking the bike of this guy who says to him ‘I’m glad that little 10-year-old kid isn’t here because he caught all my stuff."

Monday’s AHRMA Motorcycle Racing Results

BOT Formula 2: 1. Steve Johnson, Ducati; Open Two-Stroke: 1. Thomas Fournier, Yamaha; SOS Two-Stroke: 1. Cody Rodenborn, Honda; Super Mono: 1. Ron Melton, Honda; Classic 60s: 1. Alex McLean, Norton; Classic 60’s 650: 1. Ron Mass, Norton; Sportsman 350: 1. Erik Green, Honda; Vintage Superbike Light: 1. Greg Comstock, Honda; 250 GP: 1. Paul Germain; C-foot: 1. Alex McLean; C-hand: Thad Wolff; Formula Vintage: 1. Jay Springsteen, Harley-Davidson; Transatlantic Challenge: 1. Thad Wolff; Sound of Thunder: 1. Pat Mooney, Buell; BOT F1: 1. Pat Mooney; BOT F3: 1. Avery Clark; Motard: 1. Ron Melton; 200 GP: 1. Dennis Poneleit, Honda; Pre-1940: 1. Alex McLean, Norton; Production Lightweight: 1. Larry Macoskie, Honda; 500 GP: 1. Dave Janiec, AJS; Bears: Kenny Cummings, Norton; Fformula 500: 1. Karsten Illg, Yamaha; Sportsman 500: 1. Todd Narduzzi; 350 GP: 1. Tim Joyce, Aermacchi; Formula 125: 1. Alex McLean, Honda; Formula 250: 1. Bob Demetrius, Honda; Production Heavyweight: 1. James Haley, Yamaha; Vintage Superbike Middle: 1. Ed Milich, Ducati; Pre 500: 1. Tim Joyce; Formula 750: 1. Jay Springsteen; Sportsman 750: 1. Jesse Morris.

AHRMA racing wraps up on Tuesday. For tickets to all the Daytona 200 Week events, call 1-800-PITSHOP or visit daytonainternationalspeedway.com. 


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