Young Guns DVD | Observed Trials Video

Sherco USA Riders 

Hoping to achieve the same success in their sport that riders such as Valentino Rossi and James Stewart have achieved in theirs, teenaged Southern Californian observed motorcycle trials riders Andrew Oldar and Eric Storz have released their first DVD--Young Guns.

Champions on both local and National levels, the DVD showcases the impressive skills of the two Sherco 1.25 riders. The DVD, produced by Brad Baumert of Ryan Young Products and Sherco USA, also includes various other riders in locations across the United States, including Oldar's exclusive private riding ranch in Reed Valley, California.

Music is provided by New York To Nowhere. For fans of crash and burn, there is a spectacular sequence of get-offs behind the closing credits. Additional riders include National Champion Patrick Smage, Cody Webb, Max Nelson, Neil Storz, Ian Delaney, Bryan Roper, and Reid Davis. | 



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