2010 Paton 500cc Gran Premio | Two-Stroke

Paton Two-Stroke V4

The Paton Company is getting ready for another big challenge, with the introduction of a new 500cc four-cylinder Grand Prix racer powered by the unique Paton V4 two-stroke engine.

It’s obviously a motorcycle for track use only, but with its 190 bhp power delivery it’s more than capable of generating adrenalin for any motorcycle fan lucky enough to ride it.

The engine design is exactly the same as that used from the mid-’70s until 2001 in the blue riband class of 500cc Grand Prix racing, scoring World Championship points in the process. It’s an exotically extreme machine, which could only be pushed to the very limit by a handful of top riders. A truly impressive horsepower ratio of 380 bhp/litre makes today’s four-stroke MotoGP racers look practically tame – especially combined with an overall dry weight of just 135 kg!

Paton is targeting this bike at a small group of motorcycle connoisseurs – enthusiasts who witnessed the most heroic seasons of Grand Prix racing, ruled by the likes of Barry Sheene, Freddie Spencer, Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Randy Mamola, Kevin Schwantz, and Mick Doohan, without forgetting Italian aces such as Luca Cadalora, Franco Uncini, Marco Lucchinelli, or Virginio Ferrari – and in recent years Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi.

All of them raced and won with bikes comparable to this one – star riders who shared the same unique skill in taking a bike built for "real men" right to the limit. Too bad it never happened again after 2001 – but the debut of the new Paton 500 Gran Premio in 2010 will make those glorious, thrilling days come alive again for any owner lucky enough to acquire such a bike.

Today, the Paton Company is proud to be the only manufacturer in the world selling a 500cc two-stroke Grand Prix motorcycle. Is there anyone out there brave enough to accept the challenge of owning – and riding one?

Contact: Roberto Pattoni – info@paton.it


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