Ryan Morais hopes for Anaheim 3 return


Rockstar Energy Suzuki’s Ryan Morais, after seeing a specialist yesterday, is expected to return to the AMA Western Regional Supercross Lites class by Anaheim 3, on February 13th. Morais was injured during his heat race on Saturday night in Anaheim, when another rider landed on top of him after tripling part of a rhythm section. Morais was running second in the heat until the incident.

According to Team Manager Bill Keefe the doctor concluded that Morais doesn’t have any broken bones. “Ryan will be put into an aggressive rehab program with the hopes of being on the gate for Anaheim 3 on February 13,” Keefe said. “He’ll probably be off the bike for 10 days. He’s getting better everyday, and his body is recovering, so it’s going the right way.” Doctors expect that Morais will respond well to therapy and make a full recovery.

After seeing a specialist on Monday, Ryan Morais got the full report on his Supercross crash related injuries.

Ryan Morais Speaks…

“I got some X-rays and an MRI done on my back and hips. Everything looks pretty good, considering,” Morais said from his home where he’s resting. “They’re saying the reason my back hurts so much is because I bruised my kidneys, I have a lot of muscle bruising, I bruised my hip joints and the muscles in my hips, my lungs, and my bladder. I’m sore from all that. But I got lucky, it could’ve been a lot worse. I’ll be back on the bike soon enough and be back for Anaheim 3. For now, I’m going to take it day by day. I have to give it a few weeks to heal up.”

Morais was taken off the track Saturday night and put in the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit and then later transferred to UCI Medical Center for further evaluation. He was released from the hospital by approximately 2:30 am and has been recovering at home since then. Rockstar Energy Suzuki would like to thank the Asterisk Medical Team for their expert care and treatment of Ryan at the track.


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