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30 years of touring with Edelweiss on this earth leave many memories. In 1981 they met the French on the first Edelweiss tour through the Alps to the Cote d’Azur. Then as they rode through Tunisia in 1982 hundreds of Tunisians welcomed them at every stop.

In 1984 they discovered Canada and the USA and as they rode into the Soviet Union in 1988, they were not the spearhead of an attack force but merely a friendly tourist group entering this huge country for the first time on motorcycles after months of hard negotiations with the government. All of these experiences and many more will be present at the 30-year celebration in the Alps, in September 2010.

As the worldwide leader in guided motorcycle tours, Edelweiss Bike Travel has shown tens of thousands of enthusiastic motorcyclists the most incredible routes on this earth. No matter if they tour in the Alps, on Route 66 or somewhere far-flung in Siberia they know how to make the experience an unforgettable vacation on two wheels.

Visit the Alps in September 2010 and celebrate with Edelweiss their 30 years of successful touring. Some unique and exciting possibilities maybe waiting for you to ensure, that the 30th birthday will be something very special for all.

Option 1: Biker Meeting
From September 10th to 12th Edelweiss will once more have the legendary Edelweiss Biker Meeting. Part of this event is a paper chase along the best routes in the Alps as well as traditional Tyrolean food and music in the evening. If you want to know more about the Edelweiss program 2011, the Biker Meeting we will present you the new Edelweiss travel program for 2011 for the first time.

Option 2: Alps Tour
For all bikers from outside Europe Edelweiss has combined the 30 years event with an incredible Alps tour. On this 7-day vacation Edelweiss will show you the most secret paths the home country has to offer. Be part of this extraordinary tour and collect memories for a lifetime.

Option 3: Golf & Ride
Every day brings something new and special: Go with Edelweiss on Golf & Ride and enjoy 8 days of golfing and riding in the heart of the Alps. Bikers from all over the world come together to win the first Edelweiss golf competition ever!

For more information visit the 30-years of Edelweiss Motorcycle Travel website.


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