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It's not often that an event lives up to the hype; you know the constant radio and TV ads that you hear and see a month before an event is scheduled to start. Well, the second round of the 2010 AMA Monster Energy Supercross at Chase Field in Phoenix not only lived-up to the hype, it blew me away!

I found the atmosphere to be a cross between a circus and Nascar event all rolled into one. Don't just go to the main event at night, be sure to go early in the day so you can walk the pits and see the riders. Many of the racers will be happy to sign an autograph or take a picture with you. You can also watch the ace motorcycle technicians as they prepare the motorcycles for the races. There's a lot to do outside of the arena as well, things like live concerts, food, Moto-X bikes on display and a lot of vendors that support the dirt bike industry.

The main event at night is nothing less than spectacular; it starts off with a really nice rendering of our National Anthem followed by some cool pyrotechnics and laser lights and then some rider introductions and more pyrotechnics. By the time the races are ready to begin you find yourself pumped up and ready to cheer on your favorite rider, for me, it's Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed, but my son and daughter would rather just cheer for whoever is in the front at the time.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to attend a lot of motorcycle events. I can honestly say that the AMA Monster Energy Supercross is the most fun and well-run event I have been to hands down. If you haven't been to one of these events before I highly recommend that you attend at least one Supercross race a year.

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