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Kendon MotoLift

Kendon Industries, the originator of the Stand-Up motorcycle trailer, continues its pioneering ways with the next generation of motorcycle lifts. The latest evolution in the patented lift line, the all-new MotoLift, is packed with a host of innovations specifically for the off-road market.

"It really is the ultimate work station," says Kendon President Frank Esposito. "It is the perfect solution to a number of challenges faced in the shop, combined with the benefit of total portability. From basic maintenance to full-blown service work such as removing both wheels, the MotoLift does more than a professional grade shop lift will do, without taking up space!"

In fact, the stable 24" x 36" footprint is exactly the same dimensions as most professional floor-mounted lifts, however the MotoLift can be easily moved on its built-in casters, folded-up and stored conveniently out of the way in the corner of your garage when it is in its Stand-UpTM configuration.

Whether it is working on a big KTM SuperEnduro or the latest lightweight motocrosser, the MotoLift’s proprietary air-over-hydraulic jack makes it possible to hoist virtually any dirtbike, anywhere, and at any time. Even if your portable air compressor is out of commission, MotoLift’s manual pump allows it to be raised by hand at the MX track or the backroads of Baja.

Features include a full 600 lb. weight capacity, adjustable height settings up to a towering 48 inches when fully extended, removable front and rear sections for easy access to wheels for replacement or cleaning, an optional stainless steel work tray to hold tools and parts, an oil drain pan and a special tie-down system to ensure the bike stays securely mounted to the stand at all times.

The MotoLift is available from Kendon dealers nationwide for $999.95. More information about the full range of Kendon Stand-Up motorcycle trailers and lifts can be found at


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