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We have a very special treat for you this week on the Motorcycle Radio Network. Arthur Coldwells, the Publisher of Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine, stops by to tell us about the mindblowing new 2010 Honda VFR1200F.

You've heard it said that when the cat is away, the mouse plays, right? Todd B proves it this week when Bare Back Bill Miko can't make it to the studio. Todd B starts right away by bestowing the Tool of the Week award on Bill's beloved Harley-Davidson then he continues on by spending a full show talking about a sportbike! MRN's big bald guy already believes the spectacular new 2010 Honda VFR1200F will change the motorcycle landscape for years into the future. Since Honda has the sense enough to keep Todd B a long way from its new pride and joy, it was time to call in an expert for his personal impressions on the motorcycle. We were fortunate enough to pull Arthur Coldwells out of his Publisher's Chair over at Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine after he wrote a riding impression of the new Honda VFR1200F and get the whole scoop.

From its unique new styling, spectacular paintwork and electric motor-like powerband to its revolutionary (for motorcycles) dual clutch transmission, Arthur and Todd B are certain that Honda's technical tour de force has just become the new yardstick for all sport touring motorcycles. Listen to the entire interview with Arthur Coldwells discussing the 2010 Honda VFR1200F.

If you think that it takes a wrecker to pick up a full size motorcycle that has tipped over, we have proof you're wrong. Harley-Davidson's Jennifer Gruber treated us to one of her hidden skills at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show when she taught us that picking up a motorcycle is all about proper technique. Ultimate has How-To Pick-up a Motorcycle video.

X-Games wonderkid, Supercross star and Nitro Circus nut-job Travis Pastrana is at it again. On New Year's Eve he plans to try to jump his doublewide motorcycle (cleverly disguised as a Red Bull Subaru rally car) from the pier in Long Beach harbor to a waiting barge. OK, so it's not Powersports News, but if Travis is involved, it's gonna be a whole lot better than watching some stupid ball drop. You can find more information and an amusing Pastrana promo crash video over at Ultimate MotorCycling's online site.

Finally, Tony Russo is trying to help us keep the motorcycle thief scumbags at bay. That's right - he's listed the best ways to keep your motorcycle from falling into the hands of thieves. The top 5 tips on how to stop a motorcycle thief are available over at Ultimate along with some additional ways to keep you from getting burned when you're selling your motorcycle. Thanks for the info Tony!

Get ready for your crazy fix next week as Bare Back Bill returns with special guest Pazzo Miguel on the awesome Ducati 848. Looks like the M1 test facility is going to get quite a workout!

Listen: VFR1200F Radio Talk Show


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