Travel to space on SpaceShipTwo

Beverly S Rother of Forest Travel Agency, Aventura FL, a member of the prestigious Virtuoso travel network, is among only 50 U.S. travel advisors invited to attend the world premier of SpaceShipTwo, the space vehicle developed by Scaled Composites to take private passengers to space. This exclusive event, hosted by Virgin Founder and Chairman Sir Richard Branson and world renowned aircraft designer Burt Rutan, will take place in Mojave, CA on December 7, 2009.

Rother is one of only 50 travel consultants in the United States to have been hand-selected as a Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agent (ASA), having completed intensive product training with Virgin Galactic in order to provide the highly specialized information required for such an exciting and unique offering. Rother is a member of Virtuoso, the leading luxury leisure travel network comprised of more than 330 agencies with 6,000 elite travel advisors in 22 countries. Virtuoso is the exclusive retail travel agency network for Virgin Galactic throughout The Americas.

Virgin Galactic’s remarkable and pioneering project is now in its final stages. The unveiling of SpaceShipTwo marks the next critical step in bringing space tourism to the general public, a privilege that has been limited to astronauts and those with the means to spend $20 million for a flight. With a comparatively lower price of US$200,000, Rother, is one of the few travel advisors in the world with the ability to attend this groundbreaking event and accept deposits for this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Based on the design of SpaceShipOne, the historic vehicle that completed three successful spaceflights in 2004, thus claiming the $10 million Ansari X-Prize, SpaceShipTwo is the next generation of spacecraft built for the specific purpose of taking passengers into suborbital space. WhiteKnightTwo, the carrier aircraft that will launch SpaceShipTwo from 50,000 feet, was unveiled in July 2008 and is well into a successful test flight program. Following SpaceShipTwo’s unveiling in December 2009, this revolutionary spacecraft will immediately embark on an extensive test flight regime.

Already, approximately 300 people from around the world have paid nearly $40 million in deposits to guarantee an early seat. For more information on Virgin Galactic, Virtuoso and Beverly S Rother’s visit to this historic event please contact: