2010 Kawasaki Versys | Preview

2010 Versys Preview

The Kawasaki Versys debut just a few years ago. For 2010 the Kawasaki Versys has been updated with fresh new bodywork to showcase the Versys’ steel trellis frame, gull-wing swingarm and compact engine, with a newly sculpted shape that shows off the motorcycles dynamic flexibility and strength. The new dual-beam headlight leads the way, with a bigger, three-way adjustable windscreen atop it that gives more options to more riders. Out back there’s a bright new LED tail light, and between the head and tail lights all sorts of pieces have been restyled to reflect the Kawasaki Versys’ quality, including the radiator shrouds, mirrors, turn signals, engine covers and rear fender.

Functionally, the 2010 Kawasaki Versys added rubber bushings to the rear engine mounts, and topping the footpegs with hollow rubber inserts to better isolate the rider’s feet from engine vibration, resulted in a smoother, more relaxed ride.

The 2010 Kawasaki Versys’ compact liquid-cooled fuel-injected 649cc parallel-twin engine was the perfect powerplant for this light and nimble do-anything bike right from the start: Lively enough for advanced riders and predictable enough to inspire confidence in rank novices, the torquey twin delivers a deep ribbon of torque in the lower and middle parts of its rev range, making the Kawasaki Versys a perfect commuter and relaxed traveling companion. Its surprising genius becomes readily apparent once the roads turn twisty, because despite its comfort and civility, the fun-to-ride Kawasaki Versys also offers genuine sportbike handling. And excellent fuel economy combined with a big, 5-gallon fuel tank lets you go a long way between gas pumps.

Long-travel high-tech suspension is critical to the 2010 Kawasaki Versys’ multi-role mission. A Showa rear shock with two-stage damping firms up progressively as the wheel moves through its stroke, providing an initially plush ride that firms to near-sportbike levels as suspension loads escalate. The bike’s short, compact engine makes it possible to use a longer-than-average gull-wing swingarm for reduction of throttle-induced suspension movement and excellent handling. A dual-sport inspired, adjustable 41mm tapered-tube inverted fork up front soaks up bumps big and small, and like the rear end, firms up nicely as the pace increases.

Absolutely key to the Kawasaki Versys’ success, a comfortable, carefully designed cockpit provides a mostly upright, natural seating position and features stepped seat constructed to provide optimum comfort for both rider and passenger. And the bigger new windscreen and upgraded passenger seating carry the comfort theme forward on the latest Versys. An easy-to-read and informative instrument panel allows riders to quickly scan the gauges and keep their eyes on the road. Possibly the most versatile motorcycle out there, Kawasaki Versys excels at almost any task it’s given, from gridlock traffic jams, to canyon carving, to long-distance touring.

2010 Kawasaki Versys Features

• New Sharper Styling
• New Rubber Engine Mounts and Revised Footpegs
• Revised Adjustable Windscreen
• Revised Passenger Accommodations
• New Tie-Down Hooks Under Tail Section
• Smooth, Long-Travel Suspension
• Cockpit is Roomy and Comfortable


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