Radio Show: Electric Motorcycles and more

The economy is still struggling, gas prices are climbing and some experts say that the earth is warming because of fossil fuel usage. As motorcyclists, we’ve long understood that not hauling around 3000 pounds of useless (and empty) cage everywhere we go makes no sense. We see the benefits of this missing weight every time we swing a leg over a $12,000 motorcycle that accelerates faster, gets better fuel economy and takes up less space than any of those rolling barges that are using up our highway space. Fifteen bucks will fill the tank for a week of commuting, and that’s just one of the hundreds of reasons we ride. As a group, we are inherently "green".

So what if you want to push the envelope further? You have an urban or suburban commute, you’re sick of pouring liquid dinosaurs into your fuel tank, and you are looking to save even more money… This is the show for you. Our guests this week are Adam and Harlan, owners of Hollywood Electrics – the first electric motorcycle dealership in Los Angeles, CA.

The guys fill Todd B and Bill in about the benefits and availability of electric motorcycles, and then get into some specifics about the ZERO and Electric Motorsport models that they carry, and leave our blockheads stunned that you can recharge your motorcycle at night after a 12 mile commute to work and back again for less than a quarter! Is that humming noise you hear in the background the no-emission, no-exhaust sound of an electric motorcycle leaving, or the sound of the wheels turning in the heads of our hosts? Click here to listen to the podcast of our interview with the owner/operators of Hollywood Electrics.


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