2010 Buell Lightning XB12Scg | Last Buell Built

The Last Buell

The reality of Harley-Davidson’s decision to end production of the Buell models has finally come to a head. Buell, the only American sport bike company, will no longer produce motorcycles. On October 30 of 2010, the final Buell ever (a Buell Lightning XB12Scg) rolled off the company’s East Troy Wisconsin assembly line.

The 2010 Buell Lightning XB12Scg is the last of the 136,923 motorcycles built in the company’s 26 years of operation. Harley-Davidson’s announcement on October 15 that the Buell lineup of motorcycles would be discontinued effective December 18, 2009 has hit home with the factory workers in East Troy and the enthusiast from around the world. It is a sad moment for all.

Buell motorcycles will continue to be sold through existing dealers until inventory is depleted. It is our understanding that many of the dealers are offering outrageous deals; so if you are interested in owning a piece of American history, call around today. All new Buells will be sold with a 2-year warranty and the Motor Company has committed to providing spare parts for at least the next 7 years.

About the Buell Lightning XB12Scg (Compliments of Buell)

The XB12Scg features a lowered suspension and seat for a lower center of gravity and a shorter reach to the ground with no compromise to handling or performance. Streetfighter styling and potent American V-Twin power keeps the aggression mean and low.

Buell Lightning models and the new 1125CR are at the core of what Buell is all about – pure performance with a broad, seamless power delivery in a stripped down, raw and aggressive package.

Each Buell model is designed utilizing the Buell Trilogy of Technology – chassis rigidity, centralized mass, and low unsprung weight – to produce a motorcycle which responds instantly to rider input.


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