Ultimate Motorcycling back online!

Dear Visitor,

As one of the many editors here at Ultimate Motorcycling, I am glad that you have found our new motorcycling site. We are working hard to present you a constantly updated site that brings you the "ultimate" from across the motorcycling lifestyle.

Thanks to you and according the third party sources we one of the fastest growing motorcycling related websites in the world over the last 9 months.

Your traffic has caused an extremely heavy load on our server farm that tapped out our CPUs and memory a few times over the last week. Thanks to our extend team we were able to quadruple our processing power and put provisions in place to continually upgrade our horsepower.

This first upgrade is the equivalent of punching out your 600cc to a 2400cc motorcycle! We hope you won’t find the same problems again as it makes me feel like I have arrived at the end of a straightaway with no brakes.

We appreciate your time and encourage you to add us to your favorites and share us with your friends. Now that my boss is off my back about the site being down, we will continue to bring you the latest news, 2010 reviews, interesting interviews, exciting videos, race results, fabulous destinations, your favorite wallpaper and more.

Enjoy the ride,

Tony Russo


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