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We’re back on track here on the Motorcycle Radio Network, and not a moment too soon. Todd has stopped, er, um, slowed down on calling the Congressman who is behind the attempted 9.4 million acre land grab a "nut job", and Bill has turned the sights of his "Tool of the Week" gun away from an outlaw motorcycle group and police officers and to a group who has TRULY earned the honor… Our US Congress! After hearing Bill’s statistics, you too will wonder if we’re electing our representatives a bit too close to the time they get out of jail.

After talking about elected representatives who do nothing, it’s time to move to the opposite. American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) members in the Northeast elected motorcycle dealer and champion racer Joe Bromley to the AMA’s Board of Directors in 2008. Joe has moved into the AMA’s Director of Racing post and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated public official ANYWHERE. We’re 41 weeks into 2009 and Joe has already attended 72 events this year alone!

Joe has taken some time from his hectic schedule to tell us about how to get involved in both recreational riding and racing, and then explains how a rider progresses from first getting started racing and moves on up to top level competition. Whether it be motocross, dirt track, hare scrambles, hill climbs, observed trials or roadracing, the AMA has a class that will get YOU on track with your motorcycle. If there was a way to get our Congressmen to work as hard as Joe Bromley our country would be in much better hands. Settle back on your seat and listen to the podcast of our interview with Joe Bromley here.

We’ve said it before, and you’ll hear us talk about it again, but we push joining the AMA because it is THAT important. The American Motorcyclist Association isn’t just about the racing opportunities, the member benefits, or the great magazine that comes with your membership. It’s about supporting the rights for each one of us to keep riding. The AMA is watching out for the interests of every rider in the US, and your support of them is essential.

Bill often uses other words, but Todd likes to think of himself as "thrifty". Because of his penny pinching ways, we discuss the merits of $150 riding jackets. Let’s face it – for what Bill spends on a dinner date you can have a lasting relationship with a piece of riding gear that can save your body parts and keep you comfortable no matter where you ride. That’s a lot more than Bill can say about his dinner dates!

Speaking of outerwear for motorcyclists, Bill takes Todd to task this week about a particular article of clothing he is wearing. Bill, being the poster child for the custom bike movement’s "Function follows Form" argument, can’t understand why Todd would wear this gear. Todd, of course, thinks like an MSF instructor and wears clothing that enhances his visibility on the streets instead of his dateability in the neighborhood (ahem, Bill). Here’s a picture of Todd’s infamous Orange Vest that Bill finds so "attractive"… At the request of Bill, we’re picturing JUST THE VEST, not Todd earning massive style points while sporting it. Bill wishes he could look this good!

Weekly Motorcycle Radio Show


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