2010 Kawasaki KLX110 (L) | Preview

Don’t Eat Your Motorcycle

In the off-road world, even small, simple motorcycles can offer a great deal of fun, and Kawasaki’s popular KLX110 motorcycle offers more fun than most. Designed for mini-moto enthusiasts, the 2010 KLX110 and new KLX110L now offer electric starting and numerous performance upgrades to make them even better than ever.

Re-tuned for 2010, the electric start 111cc SOHC engine produces more power than previous models and features a new 4-speed transmission that provides a wider selection of gear ratios to help capitalize on the new engine’s increased performance. The KLX110’s revised rear suspension offers increased bottoming resistance and an expanded ergonomic triangle helps the 110 accommodate a larger range of riders. The “standard” KLX110, features all the improvements listed above and comes equipped with a low 26.8″ seat height, and a centrifugal clutch for easy, clutch-free stops, starts and shifting.

For more advanced riders or those wanting a taller seat height, the new KLX110L features a manual clutch for greater control and enhanced performance. A longer-travel suspension provides superior rough-road performance, and gives the 110L a 1.9″ taller seat height than a standard KLX110.

Key Features

• New Push-Button Electric Starting
• New Four-Speed Transmission
• More Powerful 111cc Engine
• Now Available With Centrifugal (110) or Manual (110L) Clutch
• Available in two seat heights: 26.8″ (110) or 28.7″ (110L)
• Upgraded Suspension
• Updated KX-Inspired Styling
• Roomy Ergonomics


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