Triumph Motorcycles creates Dealer Council

Triumph Motorcycles has created the Triumph Motorcycles America (TMA) Dealer Council as part of the manufacturer's ongoing efforts to optimize sales and service at its network of more than 170 Triumph dealers across the country. The new program serves as a formal platform for all Triumph dealers to share their insights and perspectives on issues that range from succeeding in a down economy to further improving customer service, sales and marketing.

The ever-changing economic landscape is causing companies from all industries to be smarter about their business, and Triumph is no different. The formation of the TMA Dealer Council is one of several steps that Triumph is taking to re-establish its brand and increase market share in the United States. In addition, Triumph believes that strong dealer relationships are key to building the brand and securing a prosperous future. Triumph builds quality products and the new dealer network is the missing piece of the puzzle that will bring dealers, Triumph corporate and motorcycle enthusiasts together in a stronger, more connected way.

Nine dealers have been selected to participate in the first TMA Dealer Council, representing a cross-section of Triumph's dealer network in terms of geography, market size and approach to business. Each dealer brings a wealth of knowledge and a varied background of industry experiences, which makes them invaluable resources for topics that range from sales and marketing strategies to product development.

The council members are:

· Don Jeka of Great Bay Motorcycles in North Hampton, NH;

· Dennis Martin of Martin Motorsports in Boyertown, PA;

· Kurt Opel of Ride Motorsports in Issaquah, WA;

· Jeff Gallo of Gulf Motorsports in Fort Myers, FL;

· Suzanne Lasko-Canu of Triumph Detroit in Roseville, MI;

· Zach Materne of Triumph of New Orleans in New Orleans, LA;

· Mike Hendry of Foothills Triumph Motorcycles in Lakewood, CO; and Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles in Loveland, CO;

· Mike Meissner of Cal Moto in Mountain View, CA; and Tri-Valley in Livermore, CA; and

· Mark Engel of Just Imports in Matthews, NC

"Our dealers are an integral part of Triumph's success, and the Dealer Council is a great way for us to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face," said Mike Cunningham, Vice President of Dealer Development for Triumph Motorcycles America. "Triumph has been through a number of economic peaks and valleys as a company throughout its more than 100 year history, so we are acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities that this kind of business climate brings. From our perspective, this is the perfect time to strengthen the Triumph dealer network so that we will all be better positioned to grow in the years to come."

Triumph is standing strong in today's tumultuous marketplace. The British company has made a significant investment in the North American market and it will continue to be a major focal point as the company's growth climbs. Triumph remains a strong company with renewed vigor to design and produce distinctive products that provide an outstanding motorcycling experience.



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