RKA IN-Charge Series communications tankbag

Sophisticated riders now want the ability to communicate. Some are now using their motorcycles for business travel and commuting to work more and more. A lot of the big touring motorcycles have some communications on board, but what about the rest of us that ride 95% of the other motorcycles? A few riders have figured out what their needs are and how to make them work, but where do they place them on the motorcycle? RKA, luggage designers and manufacturers for 25 years has designed the "IN-Charge Series" tankbag to place all your electronic devices in and on.

This communications tankbag is ready for the user to install and hide all the wires and cables and attach their devises on the RKA custom made tracking plate and cradles. All your devices are riding on the cushion of the specially designed tankbag, are together, easy to see, in line with your dash, easy to reach, and the complete system is quickly removable for safe storage wherever you are. One cable powers you up. This "IN-Charge Series" system can also be easily moved from motorcycle to motorcycle.

RKA is a designer and manufacturer of luggage but they also carry the communications devices and parts to assemble your system, intercom, radar, GPS, FRS, CB, cables, & mounting brackets. RKA can also build a complete turnkey system for you.

RKA was started in Sonoma County California in 1985 with the idea of designing and manufacturing the most beautiful and functional motorcycle luggage in the world. They are a small low production shop with high standards, high quality, functional products that work well with your motorcycle, always being their goal.

For more information or questions about RKA and this product call 707-836-7659, feel free to pop them an e-mail at info@rka-luggage.com


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