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Yamaha’s lightweight, fuel-efficient EF2000iS generator is the essential tool for racing enthusiasts. As the latest model in Yamaha’s inverter generator lineup and the result of three years of research and development, the EF2000iS provides a practical, versatile machine that can go anywhere and provide up to 2000 watts of power with ease at the shop, in a trailer and even at the track.

The EF2000iS is a quiet, long-running device with a new retro-modern design incorporating – like all Yamaha generators – the most advanced Yamaha technology and performance. Weighing in at only 44 pounds, this mighty machine has enough power to run tire warmers, fans, laptops, lights, or other necessary pieces of equipment for on the spot repairs and maintenance – allowing users to "set up shop" no matter the location.

"The EF2000iS is a perfect traveling generator for powering smaller equipment and appliances," said Colin Iwasa, power equipment sales manager at Yamaha. "Large generators are great when you need to run a high wattage piece of equipment, but roughly 80 percent of the time much less power is needed to run smaller items such as lights and power tools. This smaller generator can help save money and the environment – an EF2000iS can run for up to ten hours on merely a gallon of gas."

Yamaha, always conscious of eco-friendly practices, designed the EF2000iS to meet the nation’s strictest California CARB Tier III emissions standards. Additionally, 90 percent of the parts on this generator can be recycled into other materials.

Its small size, ease of use, versatile handling and efficiency make the EF2000iS a perfect appliance no matter the location. After a day at the track, the EF2000iS can be used at home as a standby generator to run a refrigerator, TV, lights or microwave oven, or provide power for anywhere from construction sites to outdoor sound systems. Additionally, the EF2000iS runs quieter and produces significantly less vibration than a larger size model, making it even more comfortable and versatile for anywhere use.

For times when a larger amount of wattage is needed, the EF2000iS is equipped with a parallel-use function, making it compatible with Yamaha’s TwinTech or Reliance Control’s Sidewinder Parallel Kit which allows the user to double generator power by attaching two EF2000iS generators together – quickly taking it from a 2000 to 4000 watt capacity, perfect for your power hungry applications like air compressors or even a dyno.

"The same engineering and technology that goes into all Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs and outboard motors is built into our generators," said Iwasa. "Our top quality engineering gives the generators outstanding durability – the new EF2000iS has a longer engine life rating than all competitors in its class – offering customers value that they will not find elsewhere."


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