Gerbing Heated Clothing ‘try before you buy’

In an effort help more riders experience the incredible warmth and the "Thinner, Lighter, Stronger, Faster" advantages of its patented Microwire Heating Technology, Gerbing Heated Clothing is teaming up with its dealers to provide a Test Ride Program.

This program will allow customers who have not yet experienced heated clothing, as well as those who want to move up to the high-tech advantages of Microwire, to take a Gerbing Jacket Liner for a test ride and learn for themselves what Gerbing Heat and the Microwire Advantage are all about.

Select Gerbing dealers throughout the country have signed up to participate in this innovative program. Customers may call 800-646-5916 to find the Authorized Gerbing Test Ride Dealer nearest them.

Each dealer sets their own test ride parameters. This program begins October 10, 2009, and will run through March 30, 2010.


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