Air-Racer Hannes Arch rides KTM Super Duke

When you've savoured almost all the thrills on the planet, there may not be a lot to get excited about but Austrian adventurer and aviator extraordinaire Hannes Arch still felt the adrenalin rush when he recently hit the start button of his new KTM Super Duke.

The man who won the 2008 Red Bull Air Race world championship title - the F1 of the air and the world's most thrilling competition for racing pilots - is currently also leading the 2009 competition. He has a narrow one point lead over Paul Bonhomme as the competition head to Hungary for a spectacular race down the Danube River punctuated by Budapest's historic bridges. The race, on August 19-20 is the third last in the 2009 series before pilots head for Porto and Barcelona.

Hannes is no stranger to KTM motorcycles. He already owns a KTM LC4 Enduro machine and now he adds the gleaming, jet back 120 hp Super Duke to his stable. His "Duke" will add a very special dimension to his personal credo of "Respect, accept and always stay grounded". And as of the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, his other speed machine, his Zivko Edge 540 aerobatics aircraft, will not only be emblazoned with his racing number of 28, but also with the "KTM Racing" emblem.

As well as being a maestro at slipping through the pylons of the Red Bull Air Race, Arch is also a skilled B.A.S.E. jumper, mountain climber, champion aerobatic paraglider and licensed helicopter pilot. He is also the initiator of the Red Bull X-Alps, a gruelling competition where competitors must paraglide or hike, carrying all their 20kg of flying equipment, across the alps from Salzburg in Austria to Monaco. The accredited adventurer is also known as the source of inspired ideas and is an accomplished organiser. Despite his need for the adrenalin rush Hannes Arch still has a strongly balanced philosophy. "There is no room for mistakes and you have to know your own limits. I try to strike a balance between doing things I love and working on projects I believe in. My heart has to be in everything I do," he says.

KTM and Hannes Arch therefore share much more than both being Austrian. Clearly the broad-based adventurer is also at one with the KTM philosophy of perfection, dedication and always being "Ready to Race". KTM wishes Hannes Arch continued success with all of his exciting ventures and many hours of pleasure onboard of his brand new KTM Super Duke.


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