Motorcycle airport taxi service goes live

Airbike, Ireland’s first Motorbike Passenger Service will offer a new service delivering passengers to and from Dublin Airport and to other point to point destinations in Dublin. Operating from 7am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, passengers can book the service online or via phone.

Airbike ( provides large capacity sports touring motorcycles ridden by a highly trained and experienced driver, who will take pillion passengers to their destination in the Greater Dublin area, more quickly and reliably than any other form of transport currently available. Airbikes can also be booked for an hour, half day or a full day to enable customers get to meetings and important appointments whilst avoiding traffic congestion.

All drivers are trained and qualified at the top Level 1 RoSPA Silver or Gold certificate (same qualification as for Garda riders). They are highly skilled in riding large capacity motorcycles and all measures have been taken to ensure passenger safety. As well as being protected by the bike’s fairing, passengers are provided with a top quality ARAI helmet, a walk-in, zip-up REV’IT motorcycle suit, and gloves to ensure their safety, comfort and protection. Passengers are also in continuous contact with the driver via an intercom system.

The current 2003 legislation for small public service vehicles clearly defines what type of vehicles can be used as taxis, and focuses on four wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles are not included and so are outside the remit of the Taxi Regulator. Airbike cannot therefore be classed as a taxi; it is an Airbike and the first and only Motorbike Passenger Service in Ireland.

"Services like Airbike already exist and have been very successful in Paris and London," said Greg Carley, director, Airbike Ltd. "With ever growing traffic congestion, our service is aimed a time pressured people who need to get to the airport to catch that flight, train or need to get to that critical meeting or appointment safely with time to spare."

The bikes are Yamaha FJR 1300A motorcycles; the same model used by police forces throughout Europe including the Garda Siochána. Offering superb performance and handling, the bike has full fairing, and is fitted with a back rest, together with side panniers, and a top rack to carry passengers’ hand luggage, bag and laptop.