48-state motorcycle “Ride for Hope”

His goal is to bring his knowledge of real estate, lending, credit repair, budgeting and life planning to the people who need it most and rekindle the American dream. Mike Fish has visited 38 states to date and is currently passing through the northwestern country of the United States. They visit homes in threat of foreclosure and work with the homeowners to find a way to take control of their finances and work out solutions to stop the foreclosure and save their credit. "We would fight to help the person save their home even if it meant walking away without a dime," stated Mike.

Mike Fish doesn't have an MBA and he didnt spend years behind a desk at a brokerage or an investment firm. Perhaps his experience has been more valuable than that. In the early 90s he was in bankruptcy with a $100,000 bank lien and two young children. Mike lost his home and lived in a camper. For the next year he struggled to survive on welfare. Mike said, "As I began to rebuild things and realized the damage this experience had taken on me, I began to take stock of my life and make some changes. Through focusing on one problem or goal at a time and finding the specific solution for that, Mike Fish rebuilt his life and after 8 years was again a homeowner.

Mike knew in hindsight he would have achieved this much faster had he known then what he did after 8 years of trial and error. Upon reflection he decided to give back and not forget his humble beginnings. This was the birth of what would become his pay-it-forward plan and the beginning of his Sound Life Education course.

Mike started by opening a couple of businesses, mainly tire stores. With the income from these businesses, he was able to do what he really wanted real estate. He then began buying properties and working with the tenants to own them. Throughout the years Mike was able to learn from these tenants and their stories, so that he had not only his story but theirs as well. Monique Bohnsack, who has been working with him for years, stated, "Mike comes up with these miraculous solutions on the spot. With each tenant's story I think, "What will he come up with to handle this" and he does!

Mike realized he was touching those close to him but not all who needed him and could benefit from his knowledge. He would also noticed that so many of the courses and "how-to" books were incomplete. They told you how to get it, not how to keep it, Mike said. This realization led to his creation of an all-encompassing strategy for a successful life plan. The Sound Life Education Coursebook covers four main areas: life and retirement planning, lending/brokerage and first time home buyers, credit repair and building credit, and money budgeting and management. The simple, easy to understand language these materials were created with is another testament to his desire for anyone to have the ability to take his knowledge and prosper with it. Mike Fish wouldnt have it any other way.


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