Davida WRS 74 Goggle now with photochromatic lens‏

The Davida 74 WRS Goggle benefits from new breakthroughs in lens technology and can now be fitted with Photochromatic Lenses.

The benefits of photochromatic or react-to-light lenses become most apparent when riding. As clear as normal, untreated lens in un-exposed situations, they will quickly and substantially darken in response to an increasing level UV radiation levels. The lenses reacts in proportion to the levels of UV radiation, so as it becomes increasing cloudy or you ride through a wooded avenue they become increasing clear.

In addition Davida have linked up with a UK Optician to enable riders to have Prescription Lenses fitted to the Davida 74 WRS Goggle. Prescription Lenses can also be combined with Photochromatic coatings. The standard Davida 74 WRS Goggle Kit is supplied with standard clear, smoke and yellow lenses as well as a set of arms and elasticated headband.

Please see www.davida.co.uk for full details



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