Motorcycle Types Cruiser SuperTrapp offers exhaust for 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide

SuperTrapp offers exhaust for 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide

SuperTrapp Industries is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

SuperTrapp offers ten exhaust slip-on options for the 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide such as:

>> SE Series P/N 128-65115 MSRP $399.00
>> Kerker Slip-Ons P/N 128-78020 MSRP $384.00
>> Kerker Slip-Ons Double Espresso P/N 128-78001 MSRP $488.00
>> Internal Disc Series with Turndown End Cap P/N 628-78053 MSRP $663.00
>> Internal Disc Series with Fishtail End Cap P/N 628-78054 MSRP $663.00
>> Internal Disc Series with Tapered End Cap P/N 628-78055 MSRP $581.00
>> Megaphone Series Chrome Megaphone P/N 728-78053 MSRP $599.00
>> Megaphone Series with Chrome Slash Megaphone P/N 728-78054 MSRP $599.00
>> Kerker Slip-Ons with Mikuni Core P/N 128-78045 MSRP $372.00
>> FatShots Slip-Ons P/N 728-71576 MSRP $499.00

SE Series have been used by one of the world’s largest OEM’s for years. They’re the champion of numerous magazine shootouts with a 10 – 12% horsepower gain. SE’s are the king of bottom-mid range torque with a steady, tough, low rumble and are only 3dB louder than stock.

Kerker Slip-Ons have a proven 12 – 13% horsepower gains with great mid-high range power. Kerker Slip-Ons are 8dB louder than stock with a profound, deep, throaty rumble. Adding a Mikuni Core provides peak performance and ultimate flow.

SE Series and Kerker Slip-Ons are compatible with 14 end caps, including the brand new, Yaffe-designed Holy Moly end caps, to allow riders the ultimate in personalization.

Internal Disc Series provide a 10 – 15% horsepower gain while allowing your bike to maintain a beautiful, conventional, OE style-looking, chrome muffler. Heatshields, chrome end caps and discs are included. Adding 3" discs allow the rider to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Removing 3" discs allow the rider to reduce sound and increase low-end torque.

Megaphone Series are the 4" diameter disc-based exhaust that SuperTrapp claims as their "signature" muffler. Megaphone Series provide an 8 – 10% horsepower gain. Includes a rebuildable core and discs.

Tri Glide riders will be thrilled to know that SuperTrapp’s newly-released FatShots Slip-Ons will also fit their ride. These new 3.5" diameter, fully chrome plated muffler bodies flare out to a 4", slash cut end with a straight through 2" diameter, pillow-pack wrapped performance core that is capped off with the legendary SuperTrapp 4" discs and polished trim ring.

By adjusting the number of discs, these new FatShots Slip-Ons have the ability to be the quietest performance muffler out there with a richer stock level sound, but enhanced performance. It performs better than stock in a sound compliant configuration.

If you want to kick it up a notch, installing the recommended 12 discs in conjunction with its straight through 2" diameter performance core sets the stage for maximum power. In this configuration, FatShots Slip-Ons provide a 15% hp gain and a 12% torque gain over stock, proving, your exhaust does not have to be loud to make power.

These Slip-Ons truly demonstrate the performance and customization that a tunable exhaust has to offer. Adding 4" discs will increase the horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Subtracting 4" discs will reduce the sound and increase low-end torque.

FatShots Slip-Ons come complete with twenty-four 4" discs and all of the necessary hardware and mounting instructions, so you can get back on the road in no time.

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