Touratech oversized tank kit for BMW F800GS and F650GS

Touratech-USA introduces an oversized fuel tank kit for the BMW F800GS and F650GS twin cylinder motorcycles. The kit includes the additional tank, supply lines and fittings for a gravity-feed connection to the stock under-seat tank. The tank is crafted from nearly indestructible Polyamide Nylon, the same material used for car bumpers. The combined volume of 9.5 gallons (36 liters) more than doubles the mileage range over the 4.2 gallon stock fuel capacity making the F800/650GS motorcycles capable of long distance adventure riding. The tank installs in the normal position of a motorcycle tank, replacing the front body panels on the bike. This kit matches the styling of the bike while dramatically expanding the fuel range making the F800/650GS motorcycle capable of serious distance riding.

>> Increase fuel capacity to 9.5 gallons (36 liters)

>> Range is extended from 210 to 475 miles at 50mpg

>> Complete kit includes all mounting hardware and fuel line connections

>> Durable Polyamide Nylon available in Black, Dark Magnesium or raw paintable finish

>> Fits BMW F800GS and F650GS (twin cylinder) Motorcycles

>> Locking fuel filler cap with two keys

>> 100% Made in Germany

>> Black or Dark Magnesium Finish: $1,985.50

>> Complete Kit in Raw Paintable Finish: $1,355.90

For more information on oversized fuel tank systems or anything for your next adventure, contact Touratech-USA.