Vespa announces spring promotion campaign

Vespa’s just-launched online campaign gets the word about the transportation budget benefits of reducing your garage wheel count – if you’re like the average American (according to an Experian study), you own 2 or more cars or trucks. How about making some room in your garage and swapping one set of four wheels for two?

If those two wheels happen to belong to a Vespa, such as the top-of-the-line GTS 300 Super, you could also add some fun – and a free vintage Vespa Tshirt – by checking out the new campaign at

To rev up your collection of vintage rock band or classic brand Tees, just order online – the only cost is shipping and handling.

You can also tune into four special Vespa Radio stations on – whether you’re feeling all Mod & Rockers or more inclined toward dance tunes, there’s a selection of great free tunes for all.