Cortech Travel Luggage | Motorcycle Accessory Review

Expand your Motorcycling Freedom

From the time we are wee-ones, the phrase "you can’t take it with you" is embedded in our psyches. Fortunately, the designers at Cortech determined that, sometimes, you can take it with you when you have the proper equipment.

Not intended to fit every possible motorcycling application, our three Cortech bags have enough universality to work well with the current fleet at the Ultimate MotorCycling headquarters. After unsuccessfully attempting to install the Super Mini Tank Bag on the Benelli Tre-K Amazonas, we discovered that it could be attached to the Buell Lightning CityX in mere minutes. During the same testing session, we realized that the small passenger seat on the CityX was an inadequate platform for the Sport Saddlebags and Sport Tail Bag (which work superbly in tandem), but they were welcomed on the Amazonas.

The Super Mini Tank Bag has the advantage of rapid removal via two strong plastic clips, making it perfect for the commuter-friendly CityX. The large rubberized zipper pulls are easily manipulated with gloves on, and the plush liner is reassuring to your cargo. Space is limited-it’s "Mini", after all-but it is a useful volume. There is a Clear-Vu map pocket on top; attempts to insert directions printed out from GoogleMaps invited wrinkles, though laminated maps, such as those from MAD Maps, fared better.

The Sport Saddlebags and Tail Bag do not have the quick-removal feature of the tank bag, but they offer considerably more room. Installation varies depending on the bike, but we had these on the Amazonas in minutes. The sizes are discrete-perfect for sport riding-yet are expandable, offering enough packing area for a long weekend away from home.

Like the tank bag, these rear bags have a neoprene mounting interface to protect the fi nish of your motorcycle. In case of rain, waterproof covers are included with all three styles.


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