Original Bike Spirits… energy drink for you bike?

When Marietta Motorsports got a hold of the latest Original Bike Spirits product, Cycle Fuel System Supreme and put it on the Dynojet for comparison testing, they got more than they bargained for ... more horsepower! "This stuff really works," says the owner of Marietta Motorsports and AMA Superbike crew chief.

The motorcycle used was a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 with 8,000 miles on the odometer, so it was ready for a tune up. As a control test, the machine was put up on the Dynojet using the same grade pump gas and ran several times. After adding 1oz. of Cycle Fuel System Supreme per gallon of gas, the bike was ridden for ten minutes to get the product into the system. The results were outstanding, increasing HP output by 4% and torque by 4.9%. On carbureted bikes you can clean the internals without taking it apart, not only saving time, but precious resources.

Original Bike Spirits products are truly geared with the motorcyclist in mind, whether it's improving performance or making your bike look its best; Original Bike Spirits' tried-and-true formulas have become a motorcyclist favorite and are only available under the Original Bike Spirits label.

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