NightRider Motorcycle Jewelry

Motorcycle Brothers in Arms.

Unlike other high-end jewelry lines sharing parallel appeal, Nightrider chooses to reflect upon the history of the human struggle for independence.

In an admirable celebration of the valiant and victorious men and women of America, designer George Ganem has fashioned an exclusive collection of limited edition and one-off pieces that exude a traditional American way of looking at life, woven into the concepts of freedom.

An outgrowth of a band of riding brothers, Ganem acknowledges,"Independence, self-reliance and freedom are central to the motorcycling spirit," and to the voice of Everyman, "the cry of all human beings to be free."

Handmade in Tempe, Arizona, the line incorporates tangible symbols of Americana, employing the most diligent artisans using pure gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.

There are Maltese crosses, Celtic knots, multi-dimensional stars and other icons popular with motorcyclists, military and rock music personalities. Representations of cultural revolutions mix with symbols and images from the French Resistance, as well as 14th and 15th century Spain.

We acknowledge Nightrider Jewelry, not for symbols or stones, but rather for the unique achievement in this particular design category-for a thematic excellence steeped in history that continues to reinvent itself, and for the powerful expression of the artistic feeling of the motorcycling culture.


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