Scorpion Offers Motorcycle Helmet Stimulus Package

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet Stimulus Package.

It is no secret that the powersports nation is facing some belt-tightening times, so the civic-minded folks from Scorpion have introduced their own Motorcycle Stimulus package. Although Scorpion helmets already have the best value and the highest customer satisfaction rating of any mid-priced helmet on the market, it was time to offer more!

"Scorpion wants to pass along some savings during these tough times," explains Scorpion President Rick Miller. "Economy of scale and some additional assembly line efficiencies at the factory have made it possible to offer the EXO 400 and top of the line EXO 1000 helmets at an even more affordable price. Rather than messing with rebates, or confusing programs, we want to pass the cash savings to the customer."

Recent upgrades at the state-of-the art factory and a shift to a "just in time" manufacturing process means all the helmet components are made on-site as opposed to being shipped in from sub-contractors from distant locations. "This is one of the reasons why Scorpion can provide more for less," adds VP of Sales & Marketing Eric Anderson. "We are vertical partners with our factory at Scorpion Sports compared to some of the competitors, so we can afford to pass along increased cost savings directly to our dealers and sell to customers at a lower MSRP."

More affordable doesn’t mean cheap, however. These new EXO 400 and EXO 1000 helmets meet the same stringent quality control and tough safety standards they always have. "Past national customer satisfaction surveys have scored Scorpion helmets in the top four of all 50+ helmet brands in the nation while consistently being $25 below the industry average in price," notes Anderson. "No one else even comes close! Those more expensive helmets which beat us by a few percentage points have all gone UP in price this year!"

Savings for the EXO 1000 brings the MSRP down 9% to 11%, depending on the graphics. That means an MSRP of $289- $309 instead of the original $319- $349 range. Even more bang for the buck comes from the EXO 400’s 11%-13% reduction as MSRP drops from the $149-$179 range to $129- $159! See your local Scorpion dealer for these cost savings. More information about ScorpionExo Helmets and complete ScorpionExoWear apparel line can be found at

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