Cardo Scala Rider Q2 | Motorcycle Headset System

Bluetooth Your Motorcycle.

The Cardo Scala Rider Q2 MultiSet is a system that includes two Bluetooth headsets, each with two ear speakers, microphone, charger and carrying case. The Velcro-mounted headset speakers fit either on top or behind the cheek cushions. The base units easily slide into the clips that we had fastened to the side of the helmets and are easily removed for recharging and storage. The microphones flex to position in front of your mouth. Following the directions for the system set-up, we were able to use the headsets within 15 minutes.

Once on the move, we were amazed with the sound clarity and void of background noise, especially being on a naked bike with limited wind protection. Even at high speeds we could still communicate between rider and passenger without strain. The noise canceling microphones allowed us to talk and listen simultaneously-much better than the older walkie-talkie style systems. The automatic volume control seamlessly adjusted with the ambient noise, with and without earplugs in.

It’s easy to integrate iPods and cell phones. The VOX technology allowed us to accept and reject calls and, with just one word, the microphone picks-up your voice and turns on the speakers. Call acceptance takes priority over biker-to-biker communications and the iPod. Once the call is finished, the headset switches back to the iPod, or you can effortlessly restart your biker-to-biker conversation by simply talking.

The control buttons on the helmet-mounted unit allows adjust volume and switching between modes. The buttons can be used with leather gloves on and while riding. Heavier winter gloves make this task a bit more difficult, but still doable. Adding this dimension to your ride diverts some of your attention, but it was less than we expected. Use them wisely!

The Scala Rider Q2 has improved our riding experience. Biker-to-biker(s) chat works well up to the claimed 1500-foot range with a clear line of sight. The batteries last all day, and it operates flawlessly on all fronts (although we did not test the four-device Bluetooth, GPS integration, or the FM radio).

For an example of a live radio broadcast via cell phone while riding with the headset: Click Here