2009 Vetrix Vx-1 | Innovation

IMS Motorcycle Choice Award

Seen it all before?  Well with that in mind, we setout to bring you only the very best or should we say the “Ultimate” from the 28th annual International Motorcycle Show. 

Yes, we have shifted through the “has been” and the obvious in order to serve you, our discerning readers, the interesting and the “what’s hot” from the 13-city motorcycle extravaganza.

Our choice award in the category of "Innovation" goes to the 2009 Vectrix Vx-1 electric motorcycle. Vectrix Corporation was formed in 1996 to develop zero emission two-wheel vehicles.  Today the journey is more fully realized with the announcement of the updated highway-legal, all electric, two-wheeled Vx-1. It is eco-friendly enough to get 357 mpg, which is equivalent of just one cent per mile.  Powerful enough to accelerate from 0-50 mph in just 6.8 seconds and reach a claimed top-speed of 62 mph.  It is a true miser that delivers a stiff left jab to our dependence on foreign oil.

The Vx-1 will provide good clean fun to a range of short-commute customers. You can simply pull-up to any standard 110V or 220V outlet to charge and then travel another 30-55 miles.  It is easy to operate, requires limited maintenance, makes little noise and produces zero-emissions.  The bi-directional throttle allows you to accelerate and brake all with the twist of the wrist.  Reverse twist and the regenerative braking system reduces the need for the standard brakes while extending the battery charge by  up to 12%.

The 60-inch wheelbase and 30-inch seat height is designed to make the Vx-1 easy to board and comfortable for one or two passengers.  Four alternative graphics options include; white/burgundy red, white/metallic silver, white/sapphire blue or white/acid green.   An optional seat allows even the smallest frame rides to place both feet on the ground at each stop.  Optional windshields heights provide for greater wind protection. The Vx-1 will be available in dealerships by January 2009 and the MSRP is $10,495.

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