STM Slipper Clutch | QuickShift

Super Slipper.

Slipper clutches were once considered the unobtanium for factory racers and in-the-know Ducatisti. Now, slipper clutches are standard on many of the newer sport bikes. For those of you without, STM (from Italy) brings its World Superbike success to the street with tunable, ramp-ball-type slipper clutches available for most current and late-model Japanese sportbikes, as well as a stable of Italian bikes.

Designed to eliminate rear-wheel chatter and the chassis instability that occurs upon aggressive downshifting, slipper clutches reduce flywheel drag and engine braking to make gear changes smooth and controlled. In addition to keeping the back end under control, STM slippers offer increased clutch life, reduced clutch-lever effort and greater sensitivity in low-traction conditions.  Applications include street, race, supermoto and offroad.

STM slipper clutches are solely distributed by Lockhart Phillips USA.




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