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When 20,000 volts of electricity arc between tungsten probes in a Xenon-rich environment, the resulting bluish-white light is intense, yet evenly dispersed. If the physics of high intensity discharge lighting do nothing for you, imagine this: you are riding down a country road on a moonless night, and your headlight is flooding the asphalt ahead with a smooth, wide swath of light that illuminates every last detail.

Now we have experienced that very thing thanks to Küryakyn’s Xsighting Lighting headlight, we frankly don’t know how we will go back to stock. Fitted to our Harley-Davidson Road King, the Xe7R’s assembly looks like a traditional bulb, but produces triple the light output and half the heat of an H4 halogen bulb, all while using less wattage. (Click image to enlarge)

Unlike conventional bulbs, which create a high beam by varying voltage, the Xe7R’s high beam is activated when a solenoid moves a gated shield, redirecting a brighter ray of light. The patented system was developed in Japan, and Küryakyn’s application is the only one boasting an all-HID solution, as others incorporate halogen components. 

The benefits do not cease after sunrise, either. Halogen bulbs produce a yellowish hue that blends more easily into the surrounding scenery, while the clean burn of an HID unit "pops" more, making bikes more visible in traffic. In the same family as the bulb developed for Dodge when they demanded enough illumination to safely light the way for a Viper traveling at 200 mph, the Xe7R offers a reassuring amount of light during spirited nocturnal rides.

Küryakyn’s Xe7R is a premium product, but considering the fact that poor visibility is associated with 23,000 fatal crashes every year in the United States, who can put a price on peerless lighting?





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