2006 Husqvarna LE SM450RR | Motorcycle Review

Limited Edition Motorcycle

The name Husqvarna was ushered into the American motorcycling vernacular in the 1960s with the Swedish manufacturers’ exotic machines serving as ambassadors for the freshly imported sport of motocross. The marque (renowned for proudly displaying its nation’s flag) was sold to Italian Cagiva in 1986. Thankfully, the new owners maintained Husqvarna’s revered off-road presence, launching an equally formidable assault on the burgeoning arena of supermoto.

This purpose-built SM450RR supermoto racer is rumored to be one of only 50 built. Proof of the Italian’s devotion to uphold Husqvarna’s reputation as serious race metal, owner Steve Storz of Storz Performance says, "Aside from the Scotts Steering Stabilizer, this is straight out of the box." Despite the bike’s scarcity, Storz thrashes it regularly on circuits around Southern California. (Click image to enlarge)

The quick-handling motocross-inspired chassis, raspy 450cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine, and prodigious use of carbon-fiber result in a sleek, lightweight, aggressive supermoto weapon. 17-inch diameter wheels fitted with Dunlop Supermoto slicks are surface-scribed with a tread pattern and keep the SMRR stuck to the pavement even at unconscionable lean angles and during controlled slides.

After 20 years under the Italian flag, Husqvarna is changing hands again. BMW has signed the papers that will inject Germanic blood into the famous Swedish lineage. The cross-pollination of these two iconic brands hold great promise and potential to continue Husqvarna’s winning ways.


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