Rugged Individualist

The early texas Rangers were rough-hewn mavericks who famously supplied their own mounts. Those one-horsepower mustangs of the dusty Texas plains bear little resemblance to this thundering LDT Customs Texas Ranger Pro-Street machine, which has been crafted in a limited Silver Series of 100 as a tribute to the rugged lawmen.

Designed by LDT and built by Grandeur Cycle around a Total Performance 121 cu in motor, this Texan is rangy indeed. The Rolling Thunder frame features a 4-inch stretch and 38-degree rake. Grandeur also conscripted its award-winning Super Auto Clutch into Ranger service. (Click image to enlarge)

The Ranger is gilded with Lone Star touches—such as shotgun shell turn signals, an engraved primary cover, Texas Star chrome wheels with a matching rear sprocket, and Winchester-style hand controls that would have Rifleman Lucas McCain looking to trade in his horse. A Texas Ranger Hall of Fame logo adorns the rear fender atop the Panhandle sized Avon 300 rear tire.

For the rugged individualist, customizable options include choice of color, tank mural options, as well as a range of materials for the hand-tooled drop seat by Master Saddler Phil Harris. And, as a finishing touch, a 1946-47 Five Peso silver Ranger Badge engraved with the bike’s edition number and VIN is set into the saddle.

Texas Ranger bike number 001 will be sold at auction and royalties from all bikes sold will benefit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas. |


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