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Double Cross is the high-end jewelry line created in 1996 by Malibu, Calif., native Travis Walker. Originally garnering its appeal from an exclusive underground clientele, the line is now sold in upscale retail stores all over the world. "It's the will and want to create and make something," says Walker, who draws inspiration from the time spent on his bike or out in the ocean.

Walker uses heavy sterling and exotic leathers to produce the ultimate bad boy accessory pieces and jewelry items. (Click image to enlarge)

Walker designs and carves all of his pieces by hand, in his expansive studio in Venice, Calif., where he maintains a private salon for celebrities and special clients who wish to shop in private. His large three-fold biker wallets are heavy and substantial to the touch, made of top quality Italian leather with inlays of frog skin and stingray. The hardware—as in his wallet chains—is all 925 sterling silver and can include dragon tail hooks, gargoyle heads, royal cross ball links, and T-bars studded with cabochon garnets. Other styles feature thunder hooks, speed skull links, and cross daggers, and are limited in production to 100. He also fashions a unique series of hand braided leather bracelets and contrasting regal cross rings and chains, which form the locus of an extensive, and impressive accessories collection.

"I like the exclusivity of being underground," Travis maintains, "allowing me the time to create custom pieces for people, giving them what they want, but with a touch of style." All items are presented with a certificate of authenticity and a leather-embroidered bag with satin lining.


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