Bourget Bike Works Trike | Motorcycle Preview

Three-wheeled Custom

Phoenix-based Bourget's Bike Works has elevated the oft-derided three-wheeled genre through intelligent engineering, original design, and a fastidious attention to detail.

Powered by S&S engines with up to 131 cubic inches of displacement, Bourget's handmade creations feature their patented oil-in-frame construction that enables a lower seat height, reduced road vibration, and more efficient cooling. The proprietary dual rear belt setup allows central positioning of the V-twin and 6-speed JIMS transmission with reverse gear. (Click image to enlarge)

Bourget's manufactures everything in-house except for the engine, transmission, clutch, gauges, and tires, which—developed exclusively with Avon—measure a monstrous 330mm at the rear, the largest DOT-approved rubber available in its class. Assembly and cylinder honing of the S&S motors is performed at Bourget's, making it the only original equipment manufacturer trusted with the task.

As S&S entrusts them with their powerplants, so do customers with painstaking custom work. Seats are individually formed and surface patterns can be finished and embroidered to the customer's preference. Seventy styles of wheels are available in-house or, if desired, can be custom fabricated from scratch. And, of course, the paint job, the final touch of any custom creation, can incorporate gold leaf designs, graphically intense schemes, or anything in-between.

Although the bulk of Bourget's business is two-wheeled, its deliciously excessive trikes offer outré invitations to ride on three.


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