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  • Jay Leno Motorcyclist | Exclusive Interview

    Jay Leno Motorcyclist | Exclusive Interview

    2009 Concours d’Elegance

    Late night talk show host, Jay Leno, is well known for his insatiable fascination of cars and motorcycles. His first foray into motorized vehicles was as a teenager on an old mini-bike. Much to the horror of his mother he took off on his maiden voyage across a rutted field next to the family home, being bounced around on the rigid frame, feet off the pegs, dirt in his teeth. It was true love.

  • Nicky Hayden MotoGP | Exclusive

    Nicky Hayden MotoGP | Exclusive

    Kentucky Kid Uncensored

    He has come a long way from racing opponents twice his age in CMRA where he often started the race from the back of the grid while a family member held his bike upright because his feet could not yet touch the ground!

  • Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP | Exclusive

    Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP | Exclusive

    Lorenzo Interview

    Jorge Lorenzo, one of MotoGP’s most exciting racers, stopped in at the D-Store in San Francisco prior to the 2009 Laguna Seca motorcycle race. Thanks to his Dainese sponsors we had a chance to grab an exclusive interview with the young Yahama Factory MotoGP racer.