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  • Honda Super Cub | Love Cub 50 Project

    Honda Super Cub | Love Cub 50 Project

    World’s Best-selling Bike, Ever

    The Love Cub 50 Project, started by Super Cub fans, exhibited over 60 Super Cubs turned into works of art, at the Mori Arts Center Gallery, from June 26 to July 5, 2009.

    The Super Cub, Honda’s popular long-selling scooter, marked its 50th anniversary last year since first going on sale in August 1958. Currently manufactured at 16 locations in 15 countries, the Super Cub is sold in 160 countries and regions around the world. It is the world’s best-selling bike, with cumulative sales topping 60 million units in April 2008.

  • 1958 Honda Super Cub | QuickShift

    1958 Honda Super Cub | QuickShift

    Popularity cannot be relied upon as an accurate gauge of the quality of a product. However, neither is success a guarantor of banality. Introduced in 1958, sales of the ubiquitous Honda Super Cub have recently crossed the threshold of 50 million. Unlike the similarly counted McDonald’s hamburgers, the Super Cub has proven itself to be anything but a consumable object.