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  • Superbike-Coach announces 2010 schedule

    Superbike-Coach announces 2010 schedule

    With Superbike-Coach you get one-on-one instruction with Can Akkaya, an international pro racer with 29 years of experience. This is the opportunity to take your skills to the next level and become a more competent rider. You chose to make motorcycling a hobby, now choose to be a better motorcyclist.

  • Superbike Coach announces 2009 Bay Area schedule

    Superbike Coach announces 2009 Bay Area schedule

    Can Akkaya, a german ex-professional race driver and author of "Racers-Story …25 Sekunden…", who lived since November 2008 in California, offers with his program "Road Skill" his services as a Coach also every ordinary motorcyclist on the road. The Courses extends for any kind of Road riders and Track/Racing riders, to Wheelie and Setup Courses. His website are online yet. The services are restricted to the California Bay Area at this time.