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  • Vincent Motorcycles: Legend of Gunga Din

    Vincent Motorcycles: Legend of Gunga Din

    Vincent Motorcycle History

    Legendary stories surround Vincent motorcycles like flies on a cow patty. Perhaps the most famous was Rollie Free who set an American motorcycle land speed record of 150.3 mph (242 kmh) on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1948 – while wearing a bathing suit and shower cap.

  • Flat Out | The Rollie Free Story

    Flat Out | The Rollie Free Story

    Magic at Bonneville

    Arguably there has never been a more dramatic motorcycling photograph than that of Rollie Free at Bonneville, riding to immortality at over 150 mph. The man with "nerves of steel" was wearing nothing but a bathing suit, a small helmet, a pair of borrowed (and too-long) tennis shoes-and presumably a diabolically determined expression. Nerves of steel or not, was the man just insane?

  • Legendary Motorcycles | The Book

    Legendary Motorcycles | The Book

    Famous Motorcycles

    In recent times, documentation covering motorcycling history has continued to gather impetus. That history has been assembled and disseminated in a multitude of ways. But not until recently has a book captured some of the famous machines and the people behind them in such a way as Basem Wasef has done in Legendary Motorcycles.

  • Street Lightnings | Harris Vincent Gallery

    Street Lightnings | Harris Vincent Gallery

    The Harris Vincent Gallery has announced its plan to produce five more Street Lightnings, each in tribute to one of the great racing Vincents of the past—fast, loud bikes, each with its own story to tell.

    Herb Harris undertakes extremely expensive reconditioning before he will consider using reproduction parts, and maintains each bike’s integrity by including an actual piece of the original.